Temprell's top 10 holiday proposal spots

As the 20th of June has been labelled the most romantic day of the year, we have put together a list of our top 10 holiday proposal destinations that will make your partner go weak at the knees!

1) Venice

Labelled as one of Italy’s most romantic destinations, Venice is the perfect location to pop the question. Take a ride on a gondola and pass under one of Venice’s most famous landmarks – the bridge of Sighs. Made famous for couples taking photos of themselves kissing under the bridge, this might be the perfect backdrop to drop down on one knee!

2) Paris

There is no better place to ask the most important question - veux-tu mepouser? (will you marry me). Known for being one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris is the landmark of love. For couples that are a little more cliché, the Eiffel Tower is the perfect spot to drop down on one knee. For those more adventurous, you may even consider taking a walk to the top of the tower to propose with a backdrop of the lustrous city.

3) Rome

Named as the city of romance, there is no surprise that this has been selected as one of our top holiday destination spots to propose. Pop the question at one of Rome’s most famous sites – Trevi Fountain. Rumour has it that if couples drink from the miniature fountain that can be found on the left-hand side of this iconic monument – couples will stay faithful forever. You might have recently seen from our latest #yourtemprellstory post that Nottingham Panthers ice hockey player Kevin Henderson recently proposed to his partner in this iconic city!

4) Santorini

This beautiful Greek island has notably become an Instagram hotspot over the last few years due to its whitewashed cuboid houses situated on cliffs overlooking the sea. No wonder it has become a popular holiday destination for the romantics among us! Propose to your significant other on a romantic cliffside overlooking the town of Oia with the view of the Aegean Sea. They’re bound to say yes!

5) Hawaii

Ranked as one of the best beaches in the world – Lanikai beach in Oahu is the perfect holiday proposal destination. Known for its tranquil aqua blue waters and picturesque sunsets, it’s the perfect place for an evening proposal after a romantic candle lit dinner.

6) Maldives

This is probably the priciest location from our selection of top holiday destinations but is still arguably one of the most romantic places on the planet. Surrounded by crystal clear waters, long beaches and jungle – it’s the perfect place to escape the realities of everyday life!

7) Bora Bora

The French Polynesia compromises of over 100 islands in the south pacific, with Bora Bora arguably being one of the most romantic among these islands. Surrounded by a turquoise lagoon protecting the coral reef, this is a picturesque luxury island for those wanting to make a holiday proposal a little more extravagant! How could anyone say no in a place like this!

8) Bali

Situated in South East Asia – Bali has become a popular holiday destination with those wanting to travel the world. Known for its world class beaches, blue waters and rope swings – it’s the new Instagram capital of the world. One cannot deny this is a beautiful place to propose. Labelled as the destination of romantic sunsets – the Uluwata temple is the best spot to create a stunning backdrop at nightfall to make your proposal that little bit more romantic.

9) Croatia

Croatia has become another popular European holiday destination over the last few years, maybe because it is surrounded by seductive landscapes and medieval towns. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway which is a bit closer to home, this is the perfect place. Famous for its series of waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park, this is a beautiful location to pop the question!

10) New York

Famous for TV series Sex and the City and Friends, this is the perfect holiday location for TV buffs. Whether you’re wanting to arrange a carriage ride through Central Park or take a boat ride below Bow Bridge to Belvedere castle, this is the perfect city for a romantic proposal.