Trust Temprell beyond jewellery manufacture

Have peace of mind that we do everything in our power to ensure that each step of sourcing and creating your jewellery is carried out ethically. We use a handful of trusted suppliers that follow the requirements of the Kimberley Process.

Kimberley Process

An International initiative launched in May 2000 to break the flow of conflict diamonds. It is followed by over 75 countries, the international diamond industry and civil society. All of whom agree to legal requirements to certify that rough diamonds (both imported and exported) are conflict free. By using suppliers that follow this process, our customers can have peace of mind when choosing their Temprell jewellery.


Recycle and Up-cycle

All of our gold jewellery is made using 100% recycled metal.

Wherever possible the precious metals we use are recycled. Recycling metal saves on waste, is better for the environment, reduces water usage and cuts down on CO2 emissions.

Temprell also offer the facility to remodel jewellery using existing metal and stones- an environmentally friendly way to fall back in love with unwanted pieces.

Lab Grown Diamonds

A mine free option...

Our latest lab grown collection offers a mine free alternative to creating your perfect wedding and engagement ring.