Almost anything can be fixed

It’s harder to mend a broken heart


“Sometimes a nasty knock or accidental drop can challenge the structure of your piece."

Knowing that a beloved piece is carrying damage or is in a fragile state is both annoying and nerve-wracking. The desire to wear something whilst knowing that doing so could result in the loss of a stone can ruin an otherwise wonderful evening.

"When you’re dealing with such fine work, wear and tear is inevitable. It’s important to stay on top of incremental damage to forestall a bigger problem."

Raun Temprell


At Temprell, our master jewellers are able to deal with repair work right across the spectrum, from a tiny missing stone to a complete rebuild of a claw system. Whether through a lifetime of wear or the sort of trauma occasioned by catching a ring on a door handle, our experts apply techniques sympathetic to the conception of the piece, resulting in work that restores, and in some cases surpasses, its integrity.

If you’d like to speak to us about the safeguarding or restoration of a well loved item feel free to get in touch either by phone or email. In most instances our expert eyes will need to study the piece whilst you are in-store to assess the work involved however queries could always be discussed before a consultation.