Resizing & Cleaning



At Temprell we see our role as creating, safeguarding and conserving the heirlooms of the future.

It’s in our interest to ensure our work is out in the world looking it’s absolute best. To that end we recommend a full refurbishment of client items every 18-24 months. A complete polish of the metal and deep cleaning of the stones by our specialists brings the piece back up to freshly-made quality.


Even items created by other manufacturers could benefit from our process. Depending on the properties of the piece, it’s still likely that the Temprell workshop could resize and clean it. After inspection we would be happy to advise on cost and timescales.

As always, advance warning will help us to ensure a delivery that’s hassle-free for all parties. Since work goes through the same workshop as all other Temprell manufacture, scheduling is tight. With advance warning we endeavour to get work through in a single day.