Not fade away


We all get tired of things every now and then. Much like fashion, when it comes to jewellery, styles come and go.

Where things differ is in the residual value of a piece’s constituents. A diamond languishing in a passé setting is still a diamond. A consultation with Temprell is the first step to giving an old stone a new lease of life.

"After generations of wear coupled with changing styles, we often see inherited pieces go through the redesign process. Nothing compares to the joy we see on our clients face upon collection."

Raun Temprell

Its a natural progression

At Temprell we regard the redesign process as the next phase of an individual piece’s evolution. Going back to the drawing board may be as a result of changing tastes or perhaps for sentimental reasons - on occasions we’ve worked with clients to break up a group of large stones to ensure that every sibling is able to partake of a family heirloom.

Whatever the reason, our method remains the same. An initial consultation is followed up with inspiration references and mood boards to establish the creative direction of the work to be undertaken. Once the direction is agreed our designers and Master Jewellers work together to produce a CAD model and, if necessary a wax model. The original piece is taken and disassembled before its constituent parts are valued and documented for insurance purposes. Once made onsite in our workshop the piece is previewed for the first time for adjustments.

All told, from sitting down with a customer to delivery of their item, we look to take no more than four weeks. Call today to begin the next chapter of your jewellery’s journey.