Planning A Christmas Proposal?

It has been an odd year, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't make the most of the festive period- including popping the question! Here's Temprell's top 10 ideas to help create the idyllic winter proposal of your dreams, come rain or shine (or snow!)

A Treasure Hunt

This is something that can be done in your house, garden or local park. Hide (waterproof) clues and give your partner that sense of childlike adventure as they go in search of the next, eventually leading to a place of beauty or significance where you can pop the question. Riddles and poems often make the best clues, but don't make them too tricky otherwise you may never get down on one knee!

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Diamond Bauble

The idea of having a ring become part of the christmas decorations has become popular in recent years and there's a couple of ways to pull this surprise off. The first is simply tying a piece of string around the ring and having that as a christmas tree decoration (the ring should look stunning against all those fairy lights!), another idea is to buy a decoration specifically for holding the ring until the big moment. I would recommend putting this decoration up on the day you plan to propose so your partner can't get a glimpse of anything they shouldn't!

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Ring on the Rink

Does anything feel more Christmassy than wrapping up warm and trying not to fall on your bum? We thought not. With fairy lights and christmas music, Nottingham's Christmas Market is the perfect place to propose. Make sure that you know what your partner wants, however, if they want something intimate best to steer clear as you will certainly draw a crowd!

Image Source: Glamour, 20 April 2009

A Light Request

Fairy lights are the epitome of cosiness and romance; why not take this one step further and propose with them too! Make the most of the dark nights and light up your partners world with an intimate and well thought out scene. Remember to give yourself enough time to set this up- you wouldn't want anyone getting home early and ruining the surprise!

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Knee Deep in Snow

I appreciate if you're reading this you most likely live in the UK and snow is hardly abundant! However, it is worth keeping a contingency plan in the back of your mind for the rare occurance that it does begin snowing. This way you can jump to it and make your proposal all that more magical (plus the photos will look great!).

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Romantic Date Night

Don't let the stress of a proposal stop you from doing the things you know they'll enjoy! Take your partner to their favourite restaurant, a play they've been telling you about, a christmas cocktail bar or a salsa class. A proposal that is molded with the two of you in mind, doing the things you both know and love. This night is about you after all!

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A Winter's Walk

Want an intimate proposal but surrounded by family all Christmas? No worries! Take your loved one on a walk, just the two of you, and pop the question then. Your partner will be impressed by your subtle plan and the looks on your families faces when you return will be priceless!

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Under The Christmas Tree

If you plan on wrapping the ring for your partner to open on Christmas morning, then our top tip would be to put the box inside a bigger box! This way there can be no sneaking suspicions arise before your ready to ask the all important question (just make sure she knows it's from you!).

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A Message in a Mug

Everyone has that favourite hot drink that they just can't get enough of in the colder months. Fill this mug up with your other half's beverage of choice, keep the engagement ring close by and act none the wiser... just make sure they finish it!

This particular mug has been hand thrown by Gemma Wightman, an independent potter form Surrey, UK.
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Have A Backup Plan

A proposal is only as good as the planning that goes into it, so it is important that you have a couple of well thought through options that you can pull out of your hat if you need to! Speak to your partners family and friends to see what they think she would like (it's easier for them not to arouse suspicion) and take on board their suggestions. Remember to not put too much pressure on yourself; your partner will be overjoyed no matter how you do it!

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