Choosing a scenic and romantic location for your marriage proposal can turn a memorable moment into a magical one.

The most scenic proposal spots that you may not have thought of

From the UK to New Zealand -

Here are some of our personal favourite and underrated from spots around the world that are perfect for popping the question.

Portelet Bay, Jersey

Portelet Bay in Jersey exudes allure with its pristine sandy shores, clear azure waters, and rugged coastal surroundings. Nestled within a secluded cove, the bay offers an intimate and tranquil setting, making it an ideal spot for a romantic escape. The historical charm of La Corbière tower standing proudly on the headland adds a touch of nostalgia to the landscape. As the gentle waves lap against the shore, and the sun paints the sky with hues of pink and gold during sunset, Portelet Bay transforms into a breathtaking tableau. The seclusion and natural beauty of Portelet Bay make it a haven for those seeking a romantic retreat, where the whispers of the sea and the warmth of the sand contribute to a mystical experience. Creating a serene and romantic atmosphere that is perfect for a heartfelt and memorable proposal.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, often hailed as the "City of a Hundred Spires," radiates an unmistakable romantic charm through its unique blend of medieval architecture, cobblestone streets, and enchanting riverside settings. The city's Old Town Square, with its historic astronomical clock and Gothic buildings, creates an atmosphere perfect for a romantic stroll. The Vltava River, which winds its way through the heart of Prague, is adorned with iconic bridges, such as Charles Bridge, providing breathtaking views of the cityscape. The illuminated Prague Castle and its surroundings cast a magical glow over the city at night, offering an intimate and romantic ambiance. Amidst the historical richness, Prague's cozy cafes, hidden gardens, and artistic culture further contribute to its romantic allure, making it a city where every corner seems to whisper tales of love and enchantment.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, with its timeless beauty and cultural richness, oozes a palpable romantic charm that captivates visitors. The city's historic streets, lined with traditional wooden machiya houses and adorned with cherry blossoms in spring or vibrant foliage in autumn, create an enchanting atmosphere. Kyoto's iconic temples and shrines, such as the Fushimi Inari Shrine and Kinkaku-ji (the Golden Pavilion), contribute to the city's romantic allure with their serene gardens and captivating architecture. The tranquil Philosopher's Path, especially during cherry blossom season, offers a romantic setting for leisurely strolls along the canal under a canopy of blossoms. Kyoto's tea houses, traditional ryokans, and refined cultural practices like tea ceremonies and kaiseki dining add to the city's romantic ambiance, making it a destination where the essence of Japan's past and the beauty of the present converge in a truly enchanting way.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Often referred to as the "Pearl of the Pacific," Bora Bora stands out as one of the world's most romantic destinations due to its unparalleled natural beauty and luxurious seclusion. Encircled by a vibrant coral reef and crystalline turquoise waters, Bora Bora's overwater bungalows create a dreamy and intimate setting. The iconic Mount Otemanu rising majestically from the center of the island adds a touch of drama to the landscape. The stillness of the lagoon, adorned with colorful marine life, and the sunsets that paint the sky with a symphony of warm hues, all contribute to an atmosphere of romance. Couples can enjoy private dinners on the beach, indulge in spa treatments overlooking the lagoon, and partake in water activities together, making Bora Bora an idyllic haven where every moment is infused with the magic of love and luxury.

Banff National Park, Canada

Banff National Park, nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, is a romantic paradise defined by its majestic mountain scenery and pristine alpine landscapes. Towering snow-capped peaks, glacier-fed turquoise lakes, and dense pine forests create a captivating backdrop for couples seeking a romantic escape. The iconic Lake Louise and Moraine Lake, surrounded by rugged peaks, offer serene reflections and are especially enchanting during sunrise or sunset. The Banff Upper Hot Springs provide a soothing and cozy experience amidst the mountainous terrain. The park's extensive network of hiking trails and secluded spots allows couples to explore the wilderness hand in hand, fostering a sense of connection with nature and each other. Whether it's an evening in a mountain lodge by a crackling fireplace or a starlit night in the open air, Banff National Park's natural beauty and tranquil ambiance make it an ideal destination for a romantic retreat.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of rugged coastline along the southern edge of Italy's Sorrento Peninsula and is a haven of romance and beauty. The coastline is adorned with pastel-colored villages perched precariously on steep cliffs, overlooking the azure Tyrrhenian Sea. The narrow winding roads, offering panoramic views of the coastline, add an element of adventure to the journey. Charming towns like Positano and Ravello, with their narrow alleyways, quaint shops, and flora-covered buildings, create an atmosphere of timeless romance. The scent of lemon groves fills the air, and the sunsets over the Mediterranean paint the sky, casting a magical spell over the entire region. The Amalfi Coast's luxurious villas, seaside restaurants, and hidden coves provide exclusive settings for couples, making it a destination where every corner seems tailor-made for whimsical moments and shared dreams.

Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon, a geological masterpiece carved by the mighty Colorado River, possesses an allure that stems from its awe-inspiring scale and breathtaking beauty. As the sun casts shadows on the canyon walls, the vibrant layers of red and orange sedimentary rock create a mesmerizing display. The vastness and depth of the canyon evoke a sense of timelessness that allows couples to feel connected to the Earth's abundant beauty. Whether it's taking a helicopter tour, hiking to the Havasupai Reservation to witness the breathtaking Havasu Falls, or simply taking advantage of the National Parks 'Dark Sky Preserve' title and spending the evening under a blanket of stars, you are bound to encounter shared natural wonders that feel almost otherworldly.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Nestled in the Julian Alps of Slovenia, Lake Bled is an epitome of romance, characterized by its naturally luscious landscape and a fairytale-like island with a church at its center. The emerald lake is surrounded by lush green forests and overlooked by Bled Castle perched on a hill. Couples can share special moments while strolling along the lakeside promenade, where traditional wooden boats known as pletnas transport them to the island. The tiny 'Church of the Assumption' on the island adds a touch of mystique, as couples can ring the bell and make a wish for their future together. The castle, with its panoramic views of the lake and the Alps, provides a romantic backdrop. As the sun sets behind the mountains, casting a warm glow over the lake, Lake Bled becomes an intimate place where love is celebrated, all amidst serene beauty and timeless charm.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech, with its vibrant colors, exotic scents, and enchanting blend of tradition and modernity, exudes a unique charm. The historic medina, a labyrinth of narrow alleys and bustling souks (traditional markets), invites couples to embark on an exploration of its hidden gems, from the dazzling Jardin Majorelle to the intricate architecture of the Bahia Palace. As the sun sets over the city, the iconic Koutoubia Mosque's minaret becomes a silhouette against the sky. The lively Djemaa el Fna square transforms in the evening, with storytellers, musicians, and the aroma of Moroccan cuisine filling the air. Luxurious riads, with their intimate courtyards and rooftop terraces, offer a retreat within the bustling city, providing an ideal setting for romantic moments. Marrakech, with its palpable sense of history, cultural richness, and the allure of its exotic surroundings, creates an atmosphere where love and adventure intertwine.

Queenstown, New Zealand

On the shores of Lake Wakatipu with the majestic Southern Alps as a backdrop, Queenstown is a romantic haven that seamlessly blends adventure with breathtaking natural wonders. As it reflects the changing tones of the surrounding mountains, couples can embark on a scenic cruise across the lake or enjoy a leisurely walk along the waterfront, soaking in the panoramic views. As the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown offers thrilling activities like hot air ballooning, jet boating, and scenic helicopter rides, providing opportunities for couples to share exhilarating life experiences together. The charming town itself, with its alpine architecture and vibrant arts scene, adds a touch of coziness and sophistication. Whether surrounded by the tranquility of the lake or the adrenaline-pumping adventures, Queenstown offers a perfect blend of tranquility and excitement in one of the world's most stunning settings.

Ang Thong Marine Park, Thailand

Ang Thong Marine Park in Thailand, with its cluster of idyllic islands surrounded by crystal-clear waters, presents a vibrant and charming escape. The pristine beaches, hidden lagoons, and lush greenery of the limestone formations create a breathtaking backdrop for couples seeking a secluded paradise. The vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life offer opportunities for snorkeling, allowing couples to explore the underwater world hand in hand. The serenity of the park, combined with the sunset views over the Gulf of Thailand, paints a mythical atmosphere. Whether it's enjoying a private picnic on a secluded beach or kayaking through the park's tranquil waters, Ang Thong Marine Park provides a romantic retreat where nature's beauty and the peacefulness of a tropical paradise come together to create unforgettable moments for the two of you.