With some things in life only you know what’s best. And when it comes to the perfect union of metal and stone it’s quite possible you could search the world for years and never find the piece that you hold in your mind’s eye.

Or perhaps you need to express yourself or your love for someone else in a way that’s uniquely you, unfiltered through the presence of another person’s artistic judgement.

It’s a feeling well understood at Temprell - where the pursuit of quiet sophistication, elegance and craft has always been a guiding principle that exists independently of what’s occurring elsewhere in the world. Whatever your motivation, from the first consultation to the day you collect your bespoke piece, in Temprell you’ll find a partner that’s completely committed to bringing your dreams into reality.

Chapter One

The Meeting

We’re setting out on a journey together that requires a foundation of mutual understanding. With that in mind, there’s no rush. We encourage clients to come into the store for an unhurried consultation where we share references over a cup of coffee and a chat with friendly, knowledgeable staff who get where you’re coming from.


Chapter Two

Finding your stone

Finding your stone


Great art needs its muse…and in the same way a beautiful piece of jewellery needs the stone around which it's built. Temprell diamonds are all ethically sourced and selected by hand.

Our knowledgable team, for whom the four Cs of colour, clarity, cut and carat form only the beginning of their assessment, uphold the significance of the diamond’s provenance, manufacture and certification. It is a source of pride that, at Temprell, we are able to offer our clients internationally certified diamonds. These are graded under laboratory conditions by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which gives you confidence in the diamond you are purchasing.
Temprell offer both natural and laboratory grown diamonds- explaining the benefits of both and letting our clients decide what is right for them.

For other stones, our huge experience in sourcing and procuring a vast selection of gemstones in unusual cuts and rare colours is second to none. However outlandish a request, if the stone exists out there, our team can find it.

Chapter Three

Designing your vision

Designing your vision


The design studio is where the artist’s eye meets the cutting edge of technology.

Using some of the world’s most advanced CAD tools Temprell’s design team takes the references and sketches developed in the initial consultation and begins the process of making them real. 3D modelling, printing and rapid prototyping allows us to manipulate designs down to fractions of millimetres prior to casting your design in your choice of metal.

Chapter Four

Bringing it all together

Bringing it all together


When its time to bring your piece into existence the Temprell workshop represents the meeting point of focussed creativity and technical ability.

Our master craftsmen embody an obsessive precision and an understanding of the medium that guarantees an execution of your ideas that will endure for generations to come.

Using a thoroughly modern workshop that incorporates a laser machine and micro setting, Temprell craftsmen fuse tried and tested traditionalism with innovative technologies to ensure that the jeweller’s art rather than the machine is evident in the final piece.

It is our belief that every ring, bracelet and necklace that leaves the Temprell shop exemplifies the highest application of our clients’ vision and our craft…for that reason we’re proud to engrave it with the Temprell crests alongside the British Hallmark.